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A New Initiative to Defeat Red Light Cameras in Toledo is Formed!

People of Toledo,
If we are to eliminate Red Light Cameras in our city, it is up to you!  We need 100 citizens to step up and commit to get 100 signatures. We need 10,000 signatures by mid-August.   That's not a lot of time for a few people, but plenty of time for 100 people if everyone just does their part!

Red Light Cameras assault our liberty and due process rights.  It is not the role we choose for government to have in our lives.  Government is here to serve us, not for us to serve government.  It's not the kind of city in which we want to live. If you've never participated in a petition drive to place an issue on the ballot, we will train you.  It can be fun and is very rewarding.  

This is a We The People moment.   If you wait for your neighbor to do it, it will not get done.  We need you to be pro-active.  Fill out the form today and we will send you a packet of petitions.

If you don't feel you have the time get signatures, Your $20 to $120 contribution will help cover campaign costs.  This is an essential way for you to materially participate in the campaign.   A single ticket will cost you $120.  How much can you give today.  If you can't get signatures, please contribute to cover campaign expenses.
If you can't donate money, please sign up to get signatures.

Patriots have died on the battlefields of history to protect our right to petition our government and bring issues to the people.  You respect their sacrifice when you participate in the process.



We Need 100 people to get 100 Signatures.

Will you sign up to help us in this Initiative?

Sign up by email....Please help.
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Bill Delaney
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Bill Delaney
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Seven great reasons to oppose Red light and speeding cameras in Toledo     

  1.  Red light and speeding cameras posted throughout the city are further erosions of our civil liberties as our own government has resorted to 24/7 spying on the citizenry to “catch” every perceived transgression.

  1.  Red light and speeding cameras are pure money grabs by rapacious government officials.  The City of Toledo estimates that 2009 revenue from the cameras will be $2.5 million for the City alone.  That’s not $2.5 million in revenue from wealthy citizens and businesses, but rather from hard-working Toledoans struggling to make ends meet.

  1. The City renegotiated fines from $95 to $120, changing the city's cut to 55%.   Monies from the red light and speeding cameras are split on a "percent of the  take" basis with the private camera operators.   In Toledo, contractor RedFlex gets 45% of all ticketing revenues.   That will be more than $2 Million Dollars in revenue to RedFlex just in 2009.

  1.  This private profit motivation has resulted in shortening of yellow-light times at red light camera intersections to entrap unsuspecting motorists and increase ticket revenues.

  1.  Red light cameras are not motivated by a desire for increased public safety.  Rather, multiple studies have shown that red light cameras actually increase the number of accidents, because motorists suddenly brake when approaching a red light intersection.

  1.  The party liable for the ticket is not the claimed offender – the driver – but rather the owner of the car, even if they can establish conclusively that they were not driving.

  1.  Most pernicious of all, in order to develop an efficient enforcement scheme, the City has abandoned traditional constitutional protections of the accused.  Under their scheme, there is a presumption of guilt and no right to compel the testimony of witnesses in one’s defense.  Indeed, until recently, trials on claimed violations were conducted in secret with the public and members of the media not permitted to attend.

  Please grab back our dignity, take back our civil rights and ban red light and speeding cameras in Toledo.  The option is yours.     For more  information, please visit:
or call Chris Finney at 513-720-2996.



Toledo Campaign Named
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