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August 17, 2009 Update from the Goodwins...

    Since our last sign waving on July 25th, we have had many more meetings and interviews. We have been interviewed by WHIZ, NBC4i, 10TV, WSYX, WOSU Radio, Blog Talk Radio, The Advocate, The Columbus Dispatch and more. We have been to committee meetings held every Monday at 5:30 and Council Meetings on 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7:30. We have made our presence known. We also did a sign waving at the Mopar event on Saturday in Heath. We also did a sign waving before the last council meeting. We did get our "Issue" on the ballot. 333 of the 410 signatures were approved by Board Of Elections on Wednesday August 5th. We are awaiting our Number for the Issue. As time goes by, many articles have been in our local paper concerning the issue allowing folks to voice their opinions, and many do not understand the real facts of this camera concern that our mayor and council brought to town under our noses. The contract was signed in Dec. 2008. So the first year will be up WHEN WE VOTE THEM DOWN THIS NOVEMBER 3RD! Heath registered voters need to go vote this November on this issue and vote on the your mayor choice and 3 council seats up for election. It is time to stand up and make a difference.  

      We are sign waving today August 17th, before our Council Meeting to make people aware of the meeting and get support from those who want the cameras down. However, traffic flow is much lighter on 79 due to the fact many who used 79 now take a different route to get to or from work. The people who have contacted us, from local to out of state are upset in many different manners and tell us why they will not be back to our city. We have heard some from surrounding areas that avoid going thru Heath just so they don't have to deal with the cameras. We will do a public request to see the number of negative calls to the mayor and city officials.

Check out this radio link with Duane and councilman Richard Morrow.

      For those that want to believe their city is safer, it is not. Now our police department is spread even thinner. 2 officers now reviewing video, more over time costs, less presence on the our roads, more traffic on our side streets and more upset people coming to the department with complaints. We do "NOT" want people to boycott, we want them to come here, that is why we got in this fight, to show our customers that we want their business. Why would a business want less people to come by their stores? Why would businesses want complaints from their customers about getting tickets from their towns' speed cameras? Why would businesses work so hard to keep people coming back? Many are upset with the new big brother cameras in our town as they either have a business here or need to travel thru here for business. The fact that a business has to watch who drives what vehicle to know who might get a ticket driving a company vehicle down Rt. 79. Some have forbidden their employees to drive on Rt. 79 to keep from getting tickets from a machine that we don't know whether it is calibrated right or not, who is to know since NO ONE from our city can touch the cameras, only Redflex employees. Has anyone seen a Redflex employee? How often do they need to check the cameras? Do they calibrate these cameras from their home office in Arizona? They have high speed internet service to the cameras. Who approves the calibration? Ask any Police officer or State Highway officer how often he calibrates his radar gun? And why? Ask more than one. Call any Police department and ask. If motorcycles are triggering the cameras going 30, how can a Smart Car or a Hummer not cause problems of triggers too? What about 18 wheelers? It is a "time over distance" for the camera to trigger. How does that apply to red light triggers? How can these be accurate? If you look at the video for your ticket, you will see vehicles coming from the other way in your video, this should open your eyes that video is being captured 24/7. Why do periodic flashes happen to synchronize the cameras? Some have realized that the other vehicles they were traveling with are not in the picture with their vehicle, why is that an important question? Do any of these questions make legitimate common sense to you?

July 21, 2009 Update
At Heath City council meeting on  July 20th, we turned in 410 signatures on our petition. However we only needed 193. We started this just 2 short weeks ago. Tickets are expected to start going out today after a delay for the appeals process that was not in place. We feel there will be more people coming forward when they receive a ticket. It has not only slowed traffic down (where the cameras are), there is LESS traffic due to those avoiding the shopping district and those who find the side streets to get thru town to also avoid the cameras, especially the people that work in Heath.
                     Hopefully our City Officials will see the impact on tax revenue, let alone the lack of business coming to town. Sure some of us cannot avoid traveling in Heath, but those that don't work here are planning to avoid coming to shop and dine. There is a yearly event coming to town called "Mopar" in August on the 7th, 8th, & 9th. It has been known for its night of thrill and excitement for not only Heath residents but surrounding area residents. We have already heard of many that they are cautious about whether they even want to stay in our town. It has been one of the best summer weekends for restaurants and shopping.
                    We will be doing a sign waving on 79 this Saturday (July 25th). Anyone who wants to help please let us know.

                      About Heath, Ohio
      Heath is a small town of 8600 people located just north of Interstate 70 in Licking County Ohio.   The daytime population of Heath is over 45,000 with many businesses along St. Rt. 79.   In 2005, they finished widening the last 4 mile stretch through Heath from 2 lanes to 5 improving the travel in and out of the city.    Heath is just over half an hour east of Columbus.  Our main street through town is Rt 79 (Hebron Road).  It is 2 lanes each direction with a center turn lane.  A median is planned for the future which will eliminate left turns whether going North or South on Hebron Rd.   Heath is connected to Newark, a city of about 50,000.

     A note from co-leaders of the group Duane and Becky Goodwin:
     We (Duane & Becky Goodwin) got involved after I saw the cameras being put up and caught a news van in our Police station doing an interview with our Police Chief. I came home and told my husband to watch the news on channel 10 and there was the introduction about the cameras in Heath. We had a 30 day warning period through June. We now have 2 "speed only" cameras and 8 red-light and speed cameras. 8 cameras in less than 2 miles. The other 2 are on 30th Street off of Rt. 79. supposedly we were supposed to know by the articles that were in the local paper. It seems our contract with Redflex was signed in December and has surprised many that they did not get to vote on them. we will get to vote on them this November.
      We own and operate a sign business called: DR. Signs. from our home on St. Rt. 79 in Heath, Ohio. Our customers are 98% other businesses. We help other businesses get the best signage for their dollars. We knew immediately it would affect all the businesses in Heath when people started avoiding the cameras and stopped shopping and dining in our city. More than 200 people who do not live in Heath have signed a concerned citizens list who do not like the cameras and some of those are local business and property owners.
     In our searches of this whole camera issue we found out about COAST and online and we got started!

  Comments from Volunteer Ronnie Michael
     I got involved when I first saw the cameras mounted on the poles at the end of May.  I have lived next door to a City Council member for 15 years and not once did I hear one word during the months the Council discussed and planned for the cameras.  The first City Council meeting after the cameras were installed by Redflex was June 15th.  I was the lone protester to show up for the meeting.  On June 1st or 2nd our Mayor did a long Commentary in the local paper (Newark Advocate) that said the cameras were 100% for safety and not some scheme to make money.  This commentary should have come before any ordinance was voted on concerning the cameras. 

       A week or so after the first Council meeting I was contacted by Duane and Becky Goodwin and asked how they could help.  Since I was staying busy fighting the misinformation the pro-camera group was putting out and flooding the City with FOIA requests, I asked him to get involved in getting a petition ready to go.  Since then we have had several more Citizens join us.  Our numbers are small but our determination will overcome all odds.  We now have a PAC named WE DEMAND A VOTE HEATH OHIO formed yesterday July 6th.  Our treasurer is Dan Young and deputy treasurer Sam Skaggs.
     --Submitted by:   Ronnie Michael, Volunteer  

Seven great reasons to oppose Red light and speeding cameras in Heath, OH  

  1.  Red light and speeding cameras posted throughout the city are further erosions of our civil liberties as our own government has resorted to 24/7 spying on the citizenry to “catch” every perceived transgression.

  1.  Red light and speeding cameras are pure money grabs by rapacious government officials. 

  1.  Even worse, the monies from the red light and speeding cameras are split on a “percent of the take” basis with the private camera operators.  In many communities, the contractor gets 25% of all ticketing revenues. 

  1.  This private profit motivation has resulted in shortening of yellow-light times at red light camera intersections to entrap unsuspecting motorists and increase ticket revenues.

  1.  Red light cameras are not motivated by a desire for increased public safety.  Rather, multiple studies have shown that red light cameras actually increase the number of accidents, because motorists suddenly brake when approaching a red light intersection.

  1.  The party liable for the ticket is not the claimed offender – the driver – but rather the owner of the car, even if they can establish conclusively that they were not driving.

  1.  Most pernicious of all, in order to develop an efficient enforcement scheme, the City has abandoned traditional constitutional protections of the accused.  Under their scheme, there is a presumption of guilt and no right to compel the testimony of witnesses in one’s defense.  Indeed, until recently, trials on claimed violations were conducted in secret with the public and members of the media not permitted to attend.




C AY O U  
E L I E VT H I S ?

12,858 Speed and Red Light tickets issued for July 2009 (12,555 Speed/303 Red Light).
$1,285,800 out of the local economy for visiting Heath, Ohio!

Sign waving event in Heath on July 25, 2009

A Citizen looking for change signs a petition with a Red Light Camera in the Background.
(Hopefully it won't be there soon!



July 13, 2009--Over half the signatures needed to place this issue on the ballot have been collected.    Our goal is 200% of the total needed to get this on the ballot.  The hope is that petitions will be copied then turned in before the next City Council meeting on July 20, 2009. 

Recently, some of the Heath organizing group drove an hour and a half to Chillicothe to participate in a sign waving in front of a city council member there who voted for red light cameras.   Several businesses in Heath are owned by council members.   Similar sign wavings are planned there.




Thank you for fighting to stop traffic cameras.I live in Newark Ohio,right next to Heath.We used to spend alot of money there each month. We will now be buying groceries and other items only in cities outside Heath.This is the only way we have to fight this right now.If you are circulating A statewide petition against these cameras,I will be happy to sign it.
--Jerry Tillett.


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